uTubeVideo Gallery Has Arrived!


In record time it seems, after just releasing my first plugin for WordPress, Flickr-stream, I now have finished uTubeVideo Gallery. uTubeVideo Gallery allows the creation of video galleries on a site where all videos are streaming straight from YouTube itself, after all everyone uses YouTube for video hosting…. right.

This plugin was actually originally created for another website I’m working on converting into a WordPress site, but I decided to publish it as a public plugin as well.

This being my second ever WordPress plugin I believe it to be much more refined than the first, but that said I’m sure I’ll find plenty of things to improve on and add later. If anyone has any suggestions for improvements they would always be welcome to drop me a comment or message.

Checkout uTubeVideo Gallery

Introducing Flickr-stream

After what seems like a few weeks of work I can finally release version 1.0 of what I call Flickr-stream. This plugin allows you to add photosets and galleries from Flickr directly to your WordPress posts and pages. There is even a widget for the sidebar to display even more photos.

Flickr-stream Shortcode

This being my first WordPress plugin and major foray into WordPress I needed to make sure it was not only a nicely designed plugin, but also simple to use with not so many options that you wonder where to even begin. To achieve this all photosets and galleries for posts and pages are created and managed in one central place.

This is only the initial release of the plugin, but somewhere in the future I plan to add more features such as slideshows and an even better administrative panel for management. I invite everyone to try out Flickr-stream and leave comments below or on the plugin page about ideas to improve it or any problems you guys may come across.

Checkout Flickr-stream

Launching Codeclouds

Launching this site has been for me a way to spread my knowledge of web development and also to create a presence on the web in order to bring new and hopefully exciting tools to everyone’s attention. It also is my personal portfolio, all in one. The web is full of a multitude of different tools and plugins to make websites look better and behave better, but there are but a few that really stand out. With this site I hope to bring those that I find useful into the spotlight and at the same time get feedback from others as to what they believe about new and emerging web technologies.

This site will also serve as a storage locker for my portfolio of web development jobs and as a location for some custom built web-tools as well. Web Development has been one of my passions for the past 4 years and looking forward at new technologies always keeps me interested in the next big thing that will be able to transform the web as we see it today. Using web API’s to hook into other major sites has become of particular interest lately as well. I actually came up with the name for this site because I wanted something unique and something that spoke to the future. Right now the future seems to be the cloud so “codeClouds” it was…. and everything else I thought of was taken.

So anyway, I hope this site really takes off and I hope you will find it useful in the future.