New uTubeVideo Gallery Update!

After some time the uTubeVideo Gallery plugin has been updated with a few new features. One feature that was requested was the¬†ability¬†to skip past video albums and just display videos which is now part of the plugin. I’ve also added the ability to set the starting resolution of videos and to change the color of the players progress bar; either the traditional red or new white.

And of course a major security upgrade has been worked in as well and the occasional bug fixes as they reared their ugly heads. I appreciate the support of everyone for this plugin and will continue to try to work in new features and ideas as time allows. Stay tuned for more future updates!

A Quick Update

I’ve received a few suggestions for updates to the uTubeVideo Gallery plugin, such as allowing the skipping of video albums. I’m currently working on this and a few other fixes and updates and will be releasing the update as soon as I am able. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and support of this plugin.