uTubeVideo Gallery is at 1.5!

Well after lots of delays, version 1.5 of uTubeVideo Gallery has arrived, with quite a few new features. Among these features is a workaround for those who have had trouble with video thumbnails not loading.

Version 1.5 Update

Other features that have been added include more customization for Fancybox as well as the ability to add playlists from Youtube to an album, instead of just individual videos. Permalinks has also been set up for any gallery that resides on a page, sorry posts don’t get this special treatment quite yet. For posts the original URL link for albums still applies. Then of course there’s the many bug fixes and a patch to allow the included version of Fancybox to be used with at least up to jQuery version 1.10.

Finally for those who haven’t noticed yet I have set up a mailing list that you can sign up for and get all these updates sent directly to you automatically. Until next time, I hope everyone enjoys this update and thanks to all for your support.