Problems with uTubeVideo Gallery

For those who are still having issues with adding videos, I hope to have a fallback implemented in the next few days, …here’s hoping. The current fallback method I implemented doesn’t quite work due to a mishap on my part. I will also include a fallback for those who are having trouble with the fancy permalinks not working.

For now those who have trouble with permalinks to albums giving a 404 error check the options page in uTubeVideo Gallery and if it does not have a green “Ok” for the permalink status make sure permalinks are turned on for your site, and then de-activate and re-activate the plugin. This should make it change to “Ok”.

uTubeVideo Gallery is at 1.5!

Well after lots of delays, version 1.5 of uTubeVideo Gallery has arrived, with quite a few new features. Among these features is a workaround for those who have had trouble with video thumbnails not loading.

Version 1.5 Update

Other features that have been added include more customization for Fancybox as well as the ability to add playlists from Youtube to an album, instead of just individual videos. Permalinks has also been set up for any gallery that resides on a page, sorry posts don’t get this special treatment quite yet. For posts the original URL link for albums still applies. Then of course there’s the many bug fixes and a patch to allow the included version of Fancybox to be used with at least up to jQuery version 1.10.

Finally for those who haven’t noticed yet I have set up a mailing list that you can sign up for and get all these updates sent directly to you automatically. Until next time, I hope everyone enjoys this update and thanks to all for your support.

New and Nice Cloud File Storage

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What’s In The Works

It’s been a while since I released an update to uTubeVideo Gallery. Currently I’m working on slight alterations to the front-end of the plugin, as well as the ability to add playlists to an album and fancy permalinks that are more SEO friendly. I don’t know when I’ll be able to release the update, but hopefully sometime in the near future. Until then, thank you all for your support!

Apparent Problems with uTubeVideo Gallery

I’m aware of some problems a few people have been having with the plugin. I’m currently working on figuring out the issue and a method of resolving it. Currently it seems like an image editor problem, in which everything works, except the images are not being saved so the thumbnails therefore do not show. If anyone else has this problem or some other issue, please comment below so I can get these issues fixed, hopefully.

New uTubeVideo Gallery Update!

After some time the uTubeVideo Gallery plugin has been updated with a few new features. One feature that was requested was the ability to skip past video albums and just display videos which is now part of the plugin. I’ve also added the ability to set the starting resolution of videos and to change the color of the players progress bar; either the traditional red or new white.

And of course a major security upgrade has been worked in as well and the occasional bug fixes as they reared their ugly heads. I appreciate the support of everyone for this plugin and will continue to try to work in new features and ideas as time allows. Stay tuned for more future updates!

A Quick Update

I’ve received a few suggestions for updates to the uTubeVideo Gallery plugin, such as allowing the skipping of video albums. I’m currently working on this and a few other fixes and updates and will be releasing the update as soon as I am able. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and support of this plugin.

What’s Happening

After about a month since the original release of both uTubeVideo Gallery and Flickr-stream both plugins have had a few updates done to them to not only correct bugs, some of them major at the beginning, but also to add features some people asked for or suggested.

Just a taste of summer…

Currently uTubeVideo Gallery is at version 1.2.5 with new features such as video sorting and a new thumbnail size.Flickr-stream is at version 1.1 with some minor features such as the ability to hide captions and set the alignment of photos.

I hope to move into bigger and better things as the months go on and it starts to warm up. Until then keep the feedback coming for new features and ideas of what to do with these two plugins.

uTubeVideo Gallery Has Arrived!


In record time it seems, after just releasing my first plugin for WordPress, Flickr-stream, I now have finished uTubeVideo Gallery. uTubeVideo Gallery allows the creation of video galleries on a site where all videos are streaming straight from YouTube itself, after all everyone uses YouTube for video hosting…. right.

This plugin was actually originally created for another website I’m working on converting into a WordPress site, but I decided to publish it as a public plugin as well.

This being my second ever WordPress plugin I believe it to be much more refined than the first, but that said I’m sure I’ll find plenty of things to improve on and add later. If anyone has any suggestions for improvements they would always be welcome to drop me a comment or message.

Checkout uTubeVideo Gallery