A sea of updates

Moving into the winter season, I’m getting back into coding more and as such have just pushed out updates to all 3 WordPress Plugins here on the site. Most of the updates are framework changes and user administration. MediaView however has gotten quite a few updates to the front-end as well; to make it more responsive and faster. I plan to try to keep up better this winter season with better responsiveness to emails and bug fixes as well as regular updates, so keep your suggestions incoming.

uTubevideo Gallery Version 1.9!

utubeVideoGallery Panel View

After quite a long break and a bit of work I’ve finally gotten around to updating the plugin. While I’m sure I’ve missed some bugs and forgotten to do some things, overall the new version contains a lot of changes. The biggest two changes are an updated admin area with more user friendly options and and new “panel” view for galleries. As always keep your suggestions incoming!

uTubeVideo Gallery Updated to Version 1.7.1

uTubeVideo Gallery has been finally updated to version 1.7.1 which corrects a problem with adding Youtube video playlists as well as a video sorting issue. I do have additional features planned, such as different gallery views and style options, but wanted to get this patch out in the meantime. One other feature of note is the ability to use youtu.be links now when adding videos.

In order to use the updated playlist feature for adding playlists from Youtube you must now have an API key. Check out the documentation for directions on how to get one. This change is due to Youtube doing away with the previous version of their API and now requiring everyone to have an API key.

Getting back to coding

After being gone for such a long time working on other side projects, I finally have a little time to get back to a few updates to the site. Currently in the works is an update to the uTubevideo Gallery plugin to correct issues such as Youtube Playlist support being broken. I anticipate an update being out before the end of the month.

Plugin Updates Incoming

I know it’s been a while since I publishing any updates for the WordPress plugins on this site, but I will soon have some updates being released, the first of which is a major update to Flickr-stream which will correct many scripting issues and other minor improvements. Later on I plan to release a minor update to uTubeVideo Gallery and then who knows what will come up after that. Thanks to everyone for their support!

uTubeVideo Gallery Glitches

I am aware some have been having issues with the newest version of the uTubeVideo Gallery plugin, and I have been able to track down a few minor bugs and patched them with version 1.6.1, but for those who are still having issues, let me know and I will continue to try to track them all down and figure out what is happening.

Many, I believe, have not had any issues at all with the plugin upgrade, and unfortunately I am unable, for the most part, to replicate a lot of the issues people have been having which does make things more difficult. If for some reason you are not able to get the latest version of the plugin to work for you, you may download an older version in the meantime.

Bringing In The New Year


Going into 2014, there will be an update to uTubeVideo Gallery and Flickr-stream sometime in the coming months, or at least that’s the plan. Both plugins have been stale for a few months, so both with get a much needed refresh. If anyone has any feature requests, please send them my way, and I’ll take a look.

Some of the updates to uTubeVideo Gallery will include a new responsive lightbox and more options for how videos are displayed. Flickr-stream will also get a new lightbox.

Going Forward

Going into the future, updates to this site may not be as frequent, but I do plan to keep adding content and updates periodically. I have just accepted a full-time job and will not be able to devote as much of my time to WordPress development for open source. That being said I do have a new plugin in the works and well on it’s way. It should be released sometime soon, at least that is my hope. It still needs to be refined and beta-tested before being released to the public however. If I am slower getting back to your messages please excuse me, as my mind will most likely be elsewhere.

New and Nice Cloud File Storage

copyHey everyone! I recently came across this new cloud-sharing service that in many ways is better than Dropbox. If you use this linkĀ https://copy.com?r=DPc0Mb you will get 20gb’s of space for free. After that you can refer anyone with your own link and get 5gb’s of space for each referral. So if anybody would like to help me out… it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

What’s In The Works

It’s been a while since I released an update to uTubeVideo Gallery. Currently I’m working on slight alterations to the front-end of the plugin, as well as the ability to add playlists to an album and fancy permalinks that are more SEO friendly. I don’t know when I’ll be able to release the update, but hopefully sometime in the near future. Until then, thank you all for your support!