A Quick Update

I’ve received a few suggestions for updates to the uTubeVideo Gallery plugin, such as allowing the skipping of video albums. I’m currently working on this and a few other fixes and updates and will be releasing the update as soon as I am able. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and support of this plugin.

What’s Happening

After about a month since the original release of both uTubeVideo Gallery and Flickr-stream both plugins have had a few updates done to them to not only correct bugs, some of them major at the beginning, but also to add features some people asked for or suggested.

Just a taste of summer…

Currently uTubeVideo Gallery is at version 1.2.5 with new features such as video sorting and a new thumbnail size.Flickr-stream is at version 1.1 with some minor features such as the ability to hide captions and set the alignment of photos.

I hope to move into bigger and better things as the months go on and it starts to warm up. Until then keep the feedback coming for new features and ideas of what to do with these two plugins.

Launching Codeclouds

Launching this site has been for me a way to spread my knowledge of web development and also to create a presence on the web in order to bring new and hopefully exciting tools to everyone’s attention. It also is my personal portfolio, all in one. The web is full of a multitude of different tools and plugins to make websites look better and behave better, but there are but a few that really stand out. With this site I hope to bring those that I find useful into the spotlight and at the same time get feedback from others as to what they believe about new and emerging web technologies.

This site will also serve as a storage locker for my portfolio of web development jobs and as a location for some custom built web-tools as well. Web Development has been one of my passions for the past 4 years and looking forward at new technologies always keeps me interested in the next big thing that will be able to transform the web as we see it today. Using web API’s to hook into other major sites has become of particular interest lately as well. I actually came up with the name for this site because I wanted something unique and something that spoke to the future. Right now the future seems to be the cloud so “codeClouds” it was…. and everything else I thought of was taken.

So anyway, I hope this site really takes off and I hope you will find it useful in the future.