uTubeVideo Gallery

uTubeVideo Gallery, a plugin to create a gallery of YouTube videos on your WordPress site. This plugin supports multiple galleries so you can create different galleries for different parts of your website. Gallery management is simple with an administrative panel for setting up your galleries and just a short-code to place where you want each gallery to appear on your site.

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Isle Of Kaua'l


Plugin Features:

  • Now includes support for Vimeo!
  • Built in Magnific Popup support with options to use Magnific Popup already installed by another plugin
  • Thumbnail images for videos are cached on your own website.
  • Annotations are hidden automatically for a movie like experience
  • Set the size of the video player
  • Set the color of the video player progress bar
  • Set the inital resolution of videos (480p, 720p, or 1080p)
  • Sort videos by newest or oldest first
  • Use either square or rectangle thumbnails for videos
  • Ability to skip albums and just display videos
  • Ability to add playlists to albums
  • Permalinks for galleries embedded on a page
  • Publish and un-publish videos and albums
  • Ability to set padding and width of album / video thumbnails
  • Gallery and Panel views
  • Multiple panel themes: dark, light, and transparent
  • New play icons: red, blue, and default
  • Playlist management
  • Ability to limit number album and videos displayed
  • Retina support


Isle Of Kaua'l
Set Fire To The Rain - Alex Boye
Roar - Alex Boye
Ready Player One
Wonder Woman
The Last Knight
Fantastic Beasts
Secret Life Of Pets
Rogue One
Assassin's Creed
Independence Day Resurgence
Star Trek Beyond
Mockingjay Part II
Guardians of the Galaxy
White House Down
Hobbit - Battle of the Five Armies
Ice Age
Tron Legacy
Hunger Games
Pirates: On Stranger Tides
Catching Fire
Star Trek Into Darkness
Pacific Rim
The Hobbit
Monsters University
Why Should I Worry
Wait To Be King
One Step Ahead
A Whole New World
Hawaiian Coaster Ride
Go The Distance
Make A Man Out Of You
How Far I'll Go


If you find this plugin to be of some use to you feel free to leave a comment on my blog or send a message. Donations are also welcome as developing these plugins takes a considerable amount of my time. Find any bugs that need rooted out, let me know that too. As always feedback is great for developing this plugin to meet everyone needs…. and wants.

(All videos above are just samples used to illustrate this plugin. All rights property of their respective copyright holders.)


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