uTubeVideo Gallery | Documentation

Getting Started

After installation, you can click on the uTubeVideo menu option to create and manage video galleries and various other plugin settings. Under the General Settings section you can change the following:

  • Youtube API Key – This is where you place your Youtube API key which is required to add Youtube playlists to an album. Previously this was not required, but due to changes in Youtube switching from v2 to v3 of their API this in now required. In order to get an API Key follow the below steps:
  1. Go to Google Developers Console and log in with your Google account.
  2. Create the new project.
  3. Open the project you created by clicking on it’s name in the list.
  4. In the sidebar on the left, expand APIs & auth. Next, click APIs. In the list of APIs go to “Youtube Data API” and set it to enabled.
  5. Next click “Credentials” in the sidebar and then “Create new Key”.
  6. Copy and paste the generated key into this option field in your uTubeVideo settings.
  • Remove Magnific Popup Scripts – This prevents the lightbox scripts from being loaded twice if you already have them included via another plugin or theme.
  • Do not use permalinks – This disables the permalinks feature of the plugin and falls back to using query strings (ex. ?id=).
  • Video Player Controlbar Color – This sets the color of the video control bar, red or white.
  • Video Player Controls Theme – This sets YouTube video controls theme to either dark or light. ( applies only to YouTube videos )
  • Max Video Player Dimensions – This sets the maximum size of the video player, note the video. player will re-size the fit the current size if smaller the max dimension.
  • Overlay Color – This sets the lightbox overlay color.
  • Overlay Opacity – This sets the lightbox overlay opacity.
  • Thumbnail Padding – This sets the spacing between the video thumbnails.
  • Thumbnail Border Radius – This sets the rounded corners effect on thumbnails.
  • Thumbnail Width – This sets the size of the video thumbnails.
  • Permalink Status – This is less of an option and more of an status indicator. If all is good with your permalink settings it will say Ok. Otherwise it will give an error message. Clicking the Fix Permalinks button below should fix any issues, as will disabling and re-enabling the plugin.

To create a video gallery click the Create New Gallery button and fill out the form. Here you can set the size and padding of your video thumbnails, as well as the album sorting order and display type for the gallery. Albums is the traditional display mode, with albums of videos, while Just Videos will skip the display of albums and just show all videos contained within any albums in the gallery all at once.

After creating a gallery and clicking view in the actions beside it, you will be able to add albums to it. Clicking the Create New Album button will bring up a form to give the album a name and set its video sorting order. After creating the album and clicking view in its actions pane beside it you can add YouTube videos and or playlists to it. You can also click on add video or playlist action on the album itself to add videos.

Valid video url formats include:


Valid playlist url formats include:


When adding videos you can set the videos resolution setting, and whether or not to use the chromeless (no player controls) video player.

To insert a gallery into a page or post, just copy and paste the shortcode given on the galleries page.

Editing galleries, albums, or videos just requires clicking on the edit action for the particular item. Editing a video album is how thumbnails are set.

Shortcode Options

The following options may be added to a shortcode when you add them to a page or post.

  • align – Set the alignment of your gallery to [left, center, right] (default: align=”left”) – Not used for panel views
  • view – Sets display type of your gallery (default: view=”gallery”)
  • panelvideocount – Sets number of videos per panel page to display (default: panelvideocount=”14″)
  • theme – Sets theme of video panel [light, dark, transparent] (default: theme=”light”)
  • icon – Set style of play icon for gallery or page [red, blue, default] (default: icon=”red”)
  • controls – Sets whether controls display in panel video, does not apply to Vimeo videos [true, false] (default: controls=”false”)
  • videocount – Sets max videos displayed for gallery (default: n/a)
  • albumcount – Sets max albums displayed for gallery (default: n/a)


How many video galleries can I create?

As many as you want.

Can I use any YouTube or Vimeo video?

Yes, all YouTube and Vimeo videos should work unless embedding has been disabled.

Are Vevo YouTube videos supported?

Yes, all YouTube and Vimeo videos should work unless embedding has been disabled.

Are any other types of videos supported (ie not YouTube)?

Yes, Even though the plugin is named uTubeVideo Gallery, Vimeo videos are now supported also.

Can I change the size of the video player?

Yes the video player size can be set in the ‘General Settings’ section in the settings page.

How do I change older videos into the new square thumbnail type?

Just go to the gallery edit page and change the thumbnail type then refresh the video(s) in question.

How do I set a thumbnail for a new video album?

After adding at least one video to the album click on the edit link for the video album and select a thumbnail and then click save changes.

How do I just display videos with no albums?

There is an option called Display Type in each gallery’s settings; set it to Just Videos.

How big of a playlist can I add to an album at a time?

Do to script timeouts and such it seems around 80 videos is the limit, but you will have to experiment to find what works best for you.

What determines the video order for a panel?

Video order is based on the order of the album(s) in the gallery and then ordering of the videos within each album(s).

What if my Permalink Status is NOT Ok?

If your permalink status is not Ok, it means permalinks are not enabled correctly. Check to see that you have permalinks turned on for WordPress and if this does not fix the problem, click the Fix Permalinks button or de-activate and re-activate the plugin. It’s also possible your the settings for your sites permalink structure are not completely compatible with this plugin.

What user permissions are required to use this plugin?

A user must be an editor or above in order to manage video galleries and change settings.